Monday, February 14, 2011

Doctor jokes-Expert Diagnosis

Abe, David and Bernard were not only best of friends but also the top doctors in the neighbourhood. One day, they were out walking in Golders Green when they saw this little old man walking rather strangely. He`s hunched over on one side, he’s dragging his right leg and he has his left hand on his lower back.

Abe says, “It`s peritonitis.”

David says, “It`s an orthopaedic problem, with flat arches and a touch of chondromalacia patellae.”

Bernard says, “It`s a nerve irritation at the level of L5.”

They argue a bit and then decide to go over and ask the old man what his problem is. So they do just that.

The man replies, “You`re all wrong. I thought I was about to fart when I crapped in my pants instead”