Thursday, April 28, 2011

Office jokes-Final excuses for skipping out of work

1. I have a bunch of old parking tickets, and if I don’t pay them I’m going to be arrested.

2. The police are at the back door. Cover me.

3. I’m having my nails done.

4. I’m having my colors done.

5. I’m having my head examined.

6. I’m going to the bank.

7. I’m going to sleep.

8. I’m going over the edge.

9. A friend of mine is dying and I have to go to the hospital.

10. A friend of mine has died and I have to go to the funeral parlor.

11. A friend of mine is being reincarnated and I have to go to the zoo.

12. I need to check out the hole in the ozone layer.

3. I need to check into a rest home.

14. I’m breaking in my shoes.

15. I’m breaking up with my boyfriend.

16. I’m breaking out.

17. I have to pick up my dry cleaning.

18. I have to pick out a car.

19. Salman Rushdie is coming in to talk about his idea for a book on Christian fundamentalists. I thought I’d go to a ball game instead.