Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Really funny jokes-Foul mouthed parrot

A rather large lady had saved her money for a long time to be able to afford a cruise on a ship to the Bahama's.

When she gets settled in her cabin she goes to the dining room for her first meal on board, and is invited to sit at the Captain's table.

As she is seated at the table a mimmicking voice behind her loudly squawks, "Aawwk, Lady! How's your hole?"

Totally embarrassed, she turns to see a parrot on his perch behind her. She says to the steward, "Will you "Please" get rid of that foul mouthed beast?"

The steward replies, "I can't madam, that is the Captains parrot, which he dearly loves."

As the meal progresses to its end the bird continues to harrass the lady with his loud squawks, "Aawwk, Lady! How's your hole?"

The embarrassed woman finally retires to her cabin and goes into a restless sleep.

In the middle of the night the ship sinks rather suddenly and the lady finds herself floating in the ocean on a chest. As daylight breaks the next morning the lady hears this loud squawk behind her, "Aawwk, Lady! How's your Hole?"

The lady turns around to see the parrot floating on some debris and she replies, "Aah, Shut Up!"

The parrot says, "Aawwk, Mine too! Must be the salt water!"