Friday, September 2, 2011

Really funny jokes-Racehorse doping

Racehorse doping is not unknown in Ireland.

One day, the Clerk of the Course spotted a trainer giving something to a horse just before the start of a race.

He went over and said, "Doping?"

The trainer said, "Indeed not, Sor.

'Tis just lump sugar. Look, I'll take a bit meself.. see?"

The Clerk of the Course said,

"Sorry, but we have to be careful. As a matter of fact, I like a bit of sugar meself."

So the trainer gave him a piece.

When the Clerk of the Course disappeared, the trainer gave his jockey his last minute instructions,

"Don't forget the drill.

Hold him in 'til the last four furlongs.

Don't worry if anything passes ye, it'll be me or the Clerk of the Course!"