Monday, December 12, 2011

Superman jokes

Superman's been wearing that one outfit for over half a century.

He's strong--and a little gamy, I think! Now I know why Superman left Krypton.
Earth was the only place where he could get steroids!

Lois Lane is Crazy about Superman.
On Valentine's Day, she sends a card to the phone company!

Because of his X-ray vision, Superman is unable to pass an eye test.
When he looks at an eye-chart, he sees through it to a billboard in the next county!

As mild-mannered Clark Kent, Superman is afraid of girls.
He's worried that he'll run into the one he stole the red and blue suit from!

Superman can fly across the country in ten minutes.
A little longer, if he's on stand-by!

Superman used to fly across the country much faster.
Now he has to go by way of Atlanta!

I think Superman would be cooler if he was the Man of Reinforced Plexiglass.
Bullets would still bounce off, but we'd get the added bonus of seeing real superhero internal organs.