Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good jokes-Satisfying the wife

If you work late hours in office, the wife will say you don’t have time for her.
If you come home early or even in time, the wife will say you don’t have any work in office.

If you have headache at bed time, you don’t love your wife anymore.
If your wife suffers the same problem, she is over worked and tired.

If you are regular at gym, she will say ‘look at your age’ - why bother anymore?
If you don’t go to gym, she will say ‘look at your paunch’ why don’t you take care of yourself?

If you present her with a rose, she will say ‘why this buttering’?
If you don’t, she will say ‘you are not romantic anymore.”

If you suggest a restaurant, she will prefer a movie and vice versa.
If you suggest a movie, she will want to go to a restaurant.

WISDOM: It is not possible to satisfy your wife, leave her alone.