Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Funny jokes-Very urgent help

Dean was once hiking in the mountain when he slipped on a loose rock and fell off a cliff. A few feet down, in desperation to save himself, he tried to grab whatever he could lay his hands on. At last he was able to get hold of a branch of a tree coming out of the side rock. He looked down the deep ravine and his head started to spin, his hand started to slip from the branch he was holding. He felt immense pain in his shoulder because of his own weight. Death seemed imminent. Looking up, he shouted: “Please help……. Is there anyone up there? Please help……. Someone…..”

A deep echoed voice was heard from the ravine: “Dear Dean, I am God down here to help you. Trust me………. Have faith in me……… let go of that branch……… I will catch you.”

Dean looked down, saw nothing, looked up and shouted: “Is there anyone else up there who can help me?”