Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Really funny jokes-No stock

There were two grocery stores in the same lane in Delhi-India. One was owned by Abdul and the other one belonged to Kumar.

Abdul had a sign outside his shop, "Peaches @ Rupees 150 a kilo". A lady, went in and asked for them.

"I am so sorry - they are out of stock right now, come back tomorrow and I'll have them ready for you", said Abdul.

So she ventured into Kumar's grocery store across the street. But his peaches were available for Rupees 200 a kilo! At least he has them in stock, she thought to herself.

"Your prices are very steep" she said. "Abdul sells them at Rupees 150 a kilo".

"You are right, says Kumar, "and when I run out of stock, mine will also be priced Rupees 150 a kilo!"