Saturday, September 8, 2012

Really funny jokes-More things to do in a library

Things to do in a library

1. Every time the person next to you turns the page, make a strange sound, or a beep.

2. Announce the page number each time you turn a page.

3. Constantly shift in your seat, and if the person next to you asked what is wrong, reply by saying, "I'm constipated. Hehe."

4. Spell every single word as you read it.

5. Chew gum with your mouth open, and smack your lips while reading.

6. Act like you’re picking your nose. And eating it.

7. Snort loudly, and gargle with your spit.

8. Sneeze a lot.

9. Hold your book right next to your eyes.

10. Every few minutes, get up out of your chair, walk around the table, and sit back down.

11. Stand up, and continue reading.

12. Make a strange sound every few minutes, then act like you didn't do it.

13. Bring a bag of cat food, and start snacking on it.

14. Bring a box of crunchy cereal, a bowl, and a spoon. Then dig in messily, and crunch on it.

15. Ask them, got milk??

16. Read out loud attempting to pronounce easy words. Butcher them badly. But be able to pronounce hard words.

17. Fall out of your seat, then say, meant to do that.?Then do it again. And again.

18. Bring a laptop, and turn up the sound, and play a very noisy game.

19. Wear too many sweaters, and complain how hot it is.

20. Bring one of those fans with a squirt bottle attached, and make it look like you’re attempting to squirt yourself, but hit them instead.