Friday, October 26, 2012

Really funny jokes-Pregnancy Dictionary

Pregnancy Dictionary

When the hard part begins.

An excuse to gluttonize your way through pregnancy.

One of those things a pregnant woman has to take her doctor's word for.

Fear of making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Stretch Marks."

First Trimester:
The first three months of pregnancy when you wonder, "Is it too late to hire a surrogate mother?"

Maternity Clothes:
What a pregnant woman wears to show people there's a reason she's fat.

1. The birth of a baby.
2. The fact that you lived to tell about it.

The doctor who tells you you're doing fine when you think you're caught in the jaws of death.

Pregnant Pause:
The amount of time it takes for a nine-month pregnant woman to get out of a chair.

When your life was still your own.

The final effort to get a ten-pound baby through an opening the size of a dime.

Second Trimester:
The time when you ask the question, "Will my husband notice if I eat this gallon of ice cream and side of beef before he gets home?"

Third Trimester:
The final months of pregnancy when you wonder, "How much longer can I keep from waddling?"