Monday, November 5, 2012

Really funny jokes-Things to do when computer crashes

Today, everyone is a victim of what we call the Internet lifestyle. Given below is a list of things for you to do when your computer crashes.

1. You can dial 911 instantly.

2. Pull open the curtains to observe i there have been any changes in the last 2 years.

3. Do you mean there is actually something else to do?

4. You can threaten your server with an impeachment vote.

5. You can Work for a change.

6. Introduce yourself again to your immediate family.

7. Consider that kidney transplant you've been putting off for so long.

8. Check out if yuor eyes can focus on objects further than 4 feet.

9. Get your chair fixed at a store near you for butt groove.

10. Look for Tylenol!

11. You can do some shopping with your clothes on.

12. You can check your snail mail box every 10 minutes.