Saturday, March 16, 2013

Really funny jokes-Lost in the Sahara

Niall and Ethan are two young lads from Shannon and they are lost in the Sahara desert. They're only desperate for water, but just as they think they're about to die, they chance upon an oasis where market day appears to be in full swing.

They go to the first stall they see, and Niall asks if they can buy some water.

"No," replies the Bedouin stall owner, "I only sell fruit. Try the next stall."

So off they stagger to the next stall and this time Ethan asks for some water.

"Sorry," says the merchant, "But I only sell custard."

"Custard! Custard?" splutter the two.

Niall turns to Ethan and shouts angrily, "What kind of flippin' place is this?"

By now totally desperate, they go to the next stall, only to be told, "Sorry, but I only sell jelly."

Hearing this, Ethan says to Niall and speaks through clenched teeth, "Bejabbers, Niall - this is a trifle bazaar."