Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sardar jokes-The farting buffalo

Santa needed a buffalo as few of his customers demanded buffalo milk. He asked around and learnt that good buffaloes were available in the village of Vanipur. So off Santa went to Vanipur and came across a farmer who wanted to sell his animal. The farmer told him to see the animal first and if he liked it, they could negotiate the deal.
They went to the back of the house where the well built animal was lazing. Santa reached under its belly and pulled the teats. No milk came out but the animal farted unusually loud. Santa was taken aback but decided to try another teat. This time too, the animal farted but milk came out in abundance. So Santa bought the animal from the farmer.
Back home, Santa called his neighbor Banta for his opinion about the buy. Banta reached under and pulled the animal’s teats. The buffalo farted. Banta said: “I am hundred percent sure you bought it from Vanipur.”
Santa was amazed: “Yes, but how did you know?”
Banta: “My wife is from Vanipur.”