Monday, August 12, 2013

Funny jokes-In the country

Rita, a city girl was on her way to Arizona. Midway through her car broke down. She was in a soup and didn’t know what to do. Out of the blue, an Indian came on his horse. He asked Rita if he could help. She told him it would help if he took her to the nearest town where she could find a mechanic. The Indian agreed and Rita climbed up and settled behind him on the horse. The ride was smooth but every now and then the Indian would exclaim: “Aaaaa……ha” and took a big sigh. This happened a few times.

Finally when they reached town, the rider found a mechanic and dropped her there. Rita narrated the incident to the mechanic. Surprised, the mechanic asked what Rita had done to the Indian.

Rita said: “I did nothing except sit behind him, put my hands around him and hold the saddle horn for support to steady myself.”

The mechanic said, “Ma'am, just for record, Indians don’t use saddles.”