Friday, November 22, 2013

Adult jokes-Don't overdo

A twelve year old boy was charged for raping a twenty year old girl. It was an open and shut casew. There were many witnesses to testify the incident. There was no one to defend the boy. After a few hearings the judge was certain to announce the boy guilty that final day. 

A lady advocate took pity on the boy and decided to defend him, though the case was as good as lost. She thought, at least the kid would have some solace that somebody tried to save him. She argued the case as best as she could but she knew that it was futile. Not one to give up easily, she requested the judge: “Your honor, I have one more point to prove the boy’s innocence. But I don’t want the boy to be embarrassed in front of so many people. Already the boy has gone through so much. I request Your Honor to see the evidence in the privacy of your chamber. We don’t mind the prosecutors accompanying us.”
The judge agreed. In the chamber, the lady unzipped the boy’s pants, took out his limp membrane, shook it vigorously and said: “See Judge, how on earth, a kid so small, can rape a twenty year old woman? He can’t even get an erection.” 

And she went on to shake the boy’s tool again to prove her point. The boy whispered: “Madam, don’t overdo it. We will lose the case.”