Saturday, March 1, 2014

No chances with Mother-in-law

Martin took his wife and mother-in-law on a pilgrimage to a holy land. The mother-in-law suddenly had a heart attack and died there. The undertaker told Martin that they can ship the body to their home for five thousand dollars. Alternatively, they could bury her there itself for five hundred. What would it be?

Martin said without any hesitation to ship the dead body home. The undertaker was mighty impressed: “Well now, what can I say? You must love your ma-in-law dearly. You are prepared to throw five thousand to take her back home where as you could have done it much cheaper and that too, at a holy place like this. I am really moved.”

Martin: “It’s not that. Ages ago a man died and was buried here. I heard that three days later he rose from the dead because of some miracle in this holy place. I certainly don’t want to take that chance in this case.”