Friday, April 4, 2014

Set a good example

Rohan who was in high school asked his pretty history teacher, Sara, out on a date. She agreed and they went to a nice restaurant.

Rohan offered her beer but Sara refused saying, "I am a teacher and I am expected to set a good example for my students. What do I say to my students if they learn that I drink?"

Rohan offered her a cigarette but Sara refused again saying, "What am I supposed to say to my students when they learn that I smoke?"

On their way back, they passed by a motel, and Rohan said to her, "What about going into that motel and having a good time?"

Sara agreed immediately.

Rohan said, "so what will you tell your students when they learn about this?"

The history teacher replied, "Something that I always tell them. You don't need to drink or smoke if you wanna have a good time!"