Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hunting expedition

Phil Sanders is about to leave for his hunting expedition when Tressa, his blonde wife, calls from behind.
"Honey", she says, "I want to join you. I am sure deer hunting is a lot of fun."

Attired in hunting clothes, she was already ready to go before Phil could say anything. Though reluctant, Phil gives in to her enthusiasm and they go together to the forest.

Phil sets her up on a tree stand and instructs her to take a good aim when she sees a deer and then shoot. He promises that he would run back to her when he hears the gun shot.

While walking away, Phil can't suppress a smile because he knows that Tressa will miss even an elephant, so hunting down a deer was out of the question.

Very soon, he hears a volley of gunshots and runs back to the tree stand. As he approaches the tree stand, he hears Tressa voice saying, "Just stay away from my damn deer!!"

Phil runs harder to get to the tree stand wondering what's wrong. As he gets closer, there is more gunfire and his wife's hoarse voice screaming, "I said stay away from that godforsaken deer!!"

When he reaches the tree stand, he sees a man with his hands raised and crying in desperation, "Ok madam, you can have your deer. Will you please allow me to get my saddle off it?"