Sunday, May 25, 2014

Take another look

The Smith family was holidaying and they had taken their car along. They were speeding along when they noticed a big green frog in the middle of the road. Mr. Smith braked hard and the car screeched to a stop inches from the frog.

Mr. Smith got out, picked up the frog and took him to the side of the road to safety.

The frog spoke and told Mr. Smith that it was a magical frog and wanted to grant him a wish for saving its life.

Mr. Smith said, "I want my pet Bonnie to bag the first place in the dog race."

The frog said to Mr. Smith, "Ok, let me have a look at your dog."

Mr. Smith called out to Bonnie who limped out of the car. The frog had a look at the dog who had only three legs, was overweight, and just about managed to drag its body. The frog said with disgust, "You want that dog to win the race!! Don't you think it's impossible! Why don't you ask for another wish."

Mr. Smith said, "Ok, can you help my wife win the beauty pageant in the city."

The frog said, "All right, lets take a look at your wife."

Mrs. Smiths stormed out of the car.

The frog said to Mr. Smith, "I would like to take another look at that dog."