Friday, June 6, 2014

Water in Heaven

Harry died in a road accident and found himself walking down a lonely road. He found his dog, Boozo, walking next to him. Harry remembered Boozo dying many years back, and realized they were in the afterlife. He wondered where the road would lead to.

They arrived at a glorious big white gate and walked to the man guarding it.

Harry asked the man, "What is this place called?"

The man replied, "This is Heaven."

Harry asked, "Can we have some water to drink?"

The man replied, "Yes, of course. Go straight ahead and take a left. You will find a water cooler there."

Harry gestured towards the dog and asked, "Can Boozo here come in too?"

The man said, "I am sorry but we do not allow pets."

Harry thought for a moment, nodded to the man and turned back toward the road with Boozo in tow.

They walked for a long time, and came across a dirt road which lead to a farm with no gate. A man was relaxing on a chair, his face covered with a straw hat.

Harry approached the man and asked if he could get some water.

The man replied, "Sure, there's a pump in the corner. Help yourself."

"What about  my friend here?", Harry asked, "Can he join me?"

The man replied, "That's no problem, you should find a bowl by the pump."

Harry thanked him and walked upto the pump. He quenched his thirst and also gave Boozo water in the bowl to drink.

When they were ready to go, Harry asked the man, "What is this place?".

The man replied, "This is Heaven".

Harry was confused and asked, "Well I went to another place and they also called themselves Heaven."

The man replied, "Oh, that fancy place with the big white gate? That's hell."

Harry said, "I a sure you are upset with those people using your name."

The man said, "No, in fact we are pleased that they weed out the people who leave their best friends behind."