Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don't get sarcastic with me

Christopher popped the question to Lydia, his girlfriend of 4 years. "Will you marry me?"

The next thing you know is that they are married and on the way to Venice for their honeymoon.

When they are back home, Christopher gets back to normal life. One fine morning, he is cleaning his golf club and looking forward to join his buddies at the golf course, when Lydia comes to him and says, "Chris, we are married now and I think you should give up sports like golfing as it is such a waste of time!"

Christopher can't believe what he just heard, and gives her a look of disbelief.

Lydia says, Huh, did i say something wrong?"

Christopher says, "For a second, I thought that was my ex-wife talking."

Now its Lydia's turn to be shocked and she yells, "Ex wife! You never told you had married before!"

Christopher replies, "I hadn't!"