Monday, July 28, 2014

Engine trouble

Kingfisher Airlines was operating it's flight from Bombay to Goa. The passengers were all looking forward to their holiday in Goa when suddenly there was an announcement in the plane.

"There is a technical fault in one of the engines of the plane. This will cause a delay of 20 minutes in landing."

There was some commotion among the passengers and then everyone settled down.

A little later, there was another announcement.

"The first engine has failed and the second engine has also developed a fault.There will be a delay of another 60 minutes."
Passengers voice their concerns and then they settle down again.

A third announcement follows.

"Two engines failed. Third engine developed fault. Too much pressure on the last engine. Delay of another 2 hours"
An old lady, who was looking forward to the beaches of Goa and not too happy with the situation, said loudly "I hope the fourth engine remains intact. I don't want to spend the rest of the night up here."