Monday, July 7, 2014

Story of a village boy

Arnold, who had just finished high school in the countryside, was very excited about the prospect of going to college.

He went to his father and asked, "Papa, will you send me to college?"

The old farmer replied, "Listen son, I will decide whether to send you to college the day you can tell what's what."

"Till that time", the farmer added, "You can work on the farm and I will pay you for it."

Arnold agreed and toiled on his dad's farm for a year. After that, he approached his father again asking to be sent to college.

The old farmer said, "Do you know what's what? I told you I will send you to college the day you answer me."

Disappointed, Arnold headed for the local bar. There he met a pretty young girl and they developed an instant liking towards each other. When they left the bar, she invited him to her place. After talking for some time, she said she was going into the bedroom and that he should follow after 5 minutes for a surprise.

He waited for 5 minutes and went to her bedroom. He was taken aback by the sight of her wearing nothing but a thin chain around her waist.

Arnold, pointing to the chain, asked her, "What's that?"

The pretty young thing answered, "What's what?"

"Don't ask me that", said Arnold, "If I had the answer to that question, I would be in college."