Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A different kind of gig

Rex, a saxophone player was frustrated because he was not getting any work. He called his agent who told him that there were no shows that he could help him with, however, he could get him a gig catching tigers to sterilize them.

Rex was upset and asked his agent what had it got to do with his musical talents. The agent told Rex that they paid 200 bucks per tiger caught.

Rex accepts the offer out of desperation. He goes to the jungle with his saxophone. He sees a tiger moving towards him. Not knowing what else to do, he starts playing his saxophone. The tiger starts getting sleepy and dozes off. He puts the tiger in a bag and hauls it into the pick up truck.

He finds another tiger and again starts playing a ballad on his instrument. The tiger falls asleep and Rex puts it in the truck. He does this all day and secures 49 tigers. He is just about to call it a day when he sees another tiger. He starts playing his instrument again but sees that the tiger continues to advance towards him. Rex plays faster but the tiger starts running towards him. He plays faster but the tiger is almost on top of him and kills him.

One of the tiger on the pick up truck says to another, "I was sure when he gets to our deaf brother, the gig would be over."