Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black sheep

Nixon, a social worker volunteers to go deep into one of Africa's under-developed north-east regions to live with a tribe there and educate them. He spends many years with them and teaches them to read, write and helps them inculcate socially acceptable behavior.

Nixon stressed on them to avoid extra marital relationships, or experimenting outside marriage.

One fine day, a white child is born to the wife of one of the tribesmen. The entire village is shocked by this. The Chief summons Nixon and says to him, All this time that you have been here, you have taught us not to be promiscuous, to be faithful to our spouses, and yet we find a black woman giving birth to a white child. No other white man than yourself has even come to this village. It is obvious that you are responsible."

Nixon tried to calm down the chief and said, "My dear fellow, you are misunderstanding the situation. What you have witnessed here is an act of nature. Its a phenomenon that we call an albino. Look around yourself, amongst the white sheep, you will find a black one. In the jungles, you will find a white tiger, there are even albino crocodiles. Phenomenons like these occur once in a while."

The chief thinks about this for a moment and then says, "I have a proposal. You keep quiet about the black sheer and I will keep quiet about the white child."