Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is she better?

Neil was engaged to Betty. One day, he dropped by to see her and said, "I am sorry, darling but I have to call off our engagement. I have to marry another girl."

Betty became hysterical and cried, "Why Niel? Why do you wish to marry another girl? Is she better looking than me?"

"No", answered Niel. "She is not."

Betty's next question was, "Does she cook better than me?"

"No", answered Niel, "Her best doesn't even come close to yours."

Betty asked, "Does she buy you things like I do?"

"No", answered Niel, "She does not work, and has no bank balance."

Betty, completely frustrated by now, asked, "Then what can she do that I cannot do?"

Niel, avoiding eye contact, answered, "She can go to court for child support."