Friday, September 5, 2014

A joke on musicians

At the Gates of Heaven, all entrants were being checked to confirm their identity before they were let in.

The angel asked the first man in line, who was a tycoon from Chicago."What have you achieved in your life?"

The tycoon replied, "I made it big in the steel business. I didn't keep everything to myself. I distributed my money among my entire family, so the next 4 generations will not have to worry."

The angel invited him in.

He asked the next man in line about his achievements.

It was a stock broker from New York. He said, "I made millions at NYSE. But I was not selfish like the Chicago guy to keep all my wealth in the family. I donated a few millions to orphanages around the world."

"That's good" said the angel and invited him in.

The next man in line was trying not to make eye contact. When the angel asked him, he replied, "I made only seven thousand dollars in my whole life."

"Good Lord", said the angel. "Which instrument did you play?"