Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Airport embarrassment

This is the story of my friend Joe. Joe was a traveling salesman who would often go out of town on business. One night when Joe returned from a business trip, there was heavy thunder and lightning. He opened the bedroom door and found both his children, Mark and Tina, in bed with his wife. They must have been scared by the sound of thunder and must have wanted the comfort of their mother. Joe went down and slept on the couch that night.

The next morning, during breakfast, Joe explained to his kids that it was fine to sleep with their mother if they are scared, but if he was expected to be back, then they should sleep in their room. The children nodded and said they understood.

After his next trip which turned out to be a long one, Joe's wife and the children decided to receive him at the airport as they had missed him a lot. There were several people in the terminal who had come to receive their friends & family.

As soon as Joe was in sight, his son Mark went running to him and said, "Daddy, I have news for you!"

Joe, lifting his son into his arms, asked, "And what is it?"

Mark announced, "No one slept with Mom while you were on tour this time!"

There was pin-drop-silence. Everybody looked at the little kid, and then at Joe and then tried to figure out who the kid's Mom was.