Monday, October 27, 2014

Missing husband

Gina calls the police to report that her husband, John is missing since 3 days. An officer comes to meet her and asked her to describe her missing husband.

Gina tells the investigating officer, "John height is 6' 3", very handsome, has thick hair, and a smile that can light up a room."

The officer makes notes and then rings the neighbor's doorbell to investigate. The neighbor, Mrs. Jones tells him that she had noticed nothing unusual. When asked about John's appearance to match what his wife Gina had said, Mrs. Jones said, "She is a liar. John's must not be more than 5' 5". He is bald, has scars on his face and is always in a rotten mood."

Later that day, Mrs. Jones asks Gina why she had given false details to the officer.

Gina replied, "Well, if I reported him missing doesn't mean that I want John back."