Saturday, November 1, 2014

Proud pathan

A Pathan called Sher Singh goes to a pub and announces, "Bartender, serve drinks to everyone. Bill it to me. My wife has given birth to a typical Pathan boy weighing 5 kilos."

There is a lot of cheering and everyone congratulates Sher Singh.

After 15 days, Sher Singh visits the bar again. The bar-keep says to him, "Hey, aren't you the father of a typical Pathan boy whose weight was 5 kilos at birth? How much does the boy weigh now?'

Sher Singh proudly answers, "3 kilos!"

The bar-keep is surprised and asks, "What happened? Didn't he weight 5 kilos at birth?"

Sher Singh finished his drink and said, "Got the boy circumcised."