Thursday, December 18, 2014

The brute

Joe was running a circus since the last 2 decades. When his lion tamer left, he knew he had to find a replacement soon. In reply to an ad, there were two people who turned up. One was an old guy called Johny and the other a stunning brunette called Lydia.

Joe handed them both a whip each and warned them that the lion was ferocious and quite a brute.

When asked who wanted to try their luck first, Lydia raised her hand. Leaving her whip behind, she simply walked into the lion's cage. Seeing her, the lion got up and charged towards her. Lydia unbuttoned her waistcoat revealing her smooth curves.

The lion stopped, lied down and rolled on the ground like a puppy. He started licking her feet. Joe was astounded by this sight.

He turned to the other candidate, Johny and said, "Well, can you beat that?"

"Sure", said old man Johnny, "Just get that wild animal out of there."