Thursday, January 1, 2015

Memories of an elder sis

Memories of an elder sis

Anyone who has an elder sis will relate to all the below:

- you have been the object of her experiments. She has tried hairstyles, eyeliners, mascara on you

- she has played the teacher and you have been the pupil

- you have been beaten in the pursuit of control of the tv remote

- you have assisted her in experiments in cooking

- she has decided what you are going to be when you grow up

- she made you believe that your parents adopted you

- she has confined you to a room or a bathroom

- if you have been her partner-in-crime, she has taken all the reprimands & bestings for you

- you have felt a sense of security in school with her around

- you can't forget the excitement on you face when someone asked who was elder between the two

- all permissions to be taken from parents was her responsibility  

- you would get sadistic pleasure by irritating her

- she was and will be your bestest friend in the world