Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girl in Casino

I witnessed this when I was with a friend in a casino in Goa.

This pretty Russian girl entered the casino and headed for the roulette table. She flashed a million dollar smile to the two Goan dealers and bet a million Indian rupees in a single spin.

She then purred in a soft voice, "Hope you guys don't object to this, but I get a high when I am betting and I prefer to play without my clothes." Saying this, she shed all her clothes.

The roulette wheel stopped at 17.

The Russian girl was thrilled and jumped screaming, "I won! God, is this my lucky day?!"

She collected the prize, picked up her clothes, hugged both the dealers and vanished.

The two dealers, still dazed by the event, looked at one another, until one of them asked in a squeaky voice, "Did you see what number she had bet on?"

"No, I didn't", said the other, "I thought you were alert!"