Friday, May 13, 2016

Just like Mom

It was Juan's 35th birthday and he was celebrating with friends. One of his friends, Pepe asked him, "You should get married now. Haven't you found a woman?"

Juan replied, "Well, over the years,  I have brought many girlfriends home to meet my mom but she didn't like anyone."

Pepe said "That's an age old problem, but I know the solution. Get a girl who is just like your Mom."

Juan meets Pepe again after a couple of weeks and Pepe asks him, "Well how is it going? Did you find a girl your Mom would like?"

Juan replied without enthusiasm, "Ya I did. She is just like Mom. And Mom was all praises for her."

Pepe asked, "Then what's the trouble dude? Why the long face?"

Juan replied, "Dad doesn't like her."